About Livin' Charters

As the old adage goes, “You know what’s better than owning a boat? Friends with boats.” So… wanna be friends?

Livin’ Charters is Sarasota Area’s go-to for the most fun out in our coastal waters without owning your own boat!

With us, you can expect a laid back atmosphere, a knowledgable captain, a comfortable ride, and a boating tour itinerary filled with you favorite water adventures.

Captain Kyle Kohlbrecher is no novice to the water scene. His career involves working for world-renowned Mote Marine Laboratories and his knowledge about the sea and sea animals adds a great deal to the overall boat-touring experience.

We know how to navigate the local spots: tiki bars and restaurants, fun-to-explore islands, and how to find dolphins, manatees, and other sea life. All of it while enjoying your choice of music, and your own food and beverages, nicely stored in plenty of cooler space available in our vessel.

If you want a “stuffy” ride on an old boat with semi-interesting events, you can go elsewhere. But if you want to have the ultimate boating experience in our coastal waters and bask in the sun with some rest and/or excitement, then embark into a Livin’ Charters boat tour before you leave town!

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You Pick The Trip
We Bring The Ride

Our Sunset Cruises offer you the perfect setting to unwind and soak in the mesmerizing colors of the evening sky. Sip on your favorite beverage, enjoy your own snacks, and let the soothing waves carry your cares away.

For the wildlife enthusiasts, our Wildlife Tours offer an incredible opportunity to observe coastal ecosystems teeming with exotic birdlife, manatees, and other fascinating creatures.

Indulge in the laid-back island vibe with our Tiki Bar Tours. Cruise to some of the most iconic waterfront tiki bars, where you can savor tropical cocktails, enjoy live music, and make memories with friends and fellow travelers.

Our Island Exploration tours invite you to step ashore and discover the treasures of secluded islands. Whether you seek secluded beaches, pristine snorkeling spots, or historical sites, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery.

Experience the sheer joy of encountering these graceful creatures in their natural habitat. Our Dolphin Tours are designed to bring you up close and personal with these intelligent marine mammals.
Navigate the tranquil waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, a hidden gem of natural beauty. Our Intracoastal Cruises let you explore the calm, picturesque water routes, giving you a front-row seat to the beauty of the shoreline and its diverse marine life.
For the thrill-seekers and the intrepid explorers, our Offshore Coastal Cruises take you further into the open sea. Feel the exhilaration of the ocean breeze as you venture offshore, uncovering hidden coves, secret beaches, and untamed islands along the way.

Have Fun Like We Did

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Take advantage of our set rates for hours of entertainment on the water!

Sunset Tour Rate

$ 400
  • (3 hours)

Full Day Rate

$ 800
  • (7 hours)
*All rates are for one to six (1 to 6) passengers
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The Vessel

2022 Custom Key West 239 FS

  • 6x Sound Speakers & Amp

    Listen to a selection of your own jams while enjoying the ride.

  • Added Cushions

    More comfort with added cushions throughout the vessel.

  • Head Rests

    Lean back comfortably with added stability for your noggin.

  • Ample Seating

    Tons of space to change your POV during the ride!

  • Integrated Coolers

    Leave your box at home - we have cooler space right here 🙂

  • Speed

    We can quickly reach our destinations in style and comfort.

US Coast Guard Licensed Captain

Your Captain

Captain Kyle Kohlbrecher is not your ordinary captain; he’s a dedicated ocean enthusiast with a commitment to nature and ocean conservation. With a passion for the sea, Kyle’s journey has been marked by his deep-seated love for marine life and the underwater world.

  • A Commitment to Conservation

    For the past two years, Kyle has been a pivotal part of the Mote Marine Aquarium family, where he serves as a shark tank diver, caring for the animals and maintaining the tanks.

  • Dive Team Experience

    As a member of the dive team, Kyle collaborates with fellow divers to maintain and protect the aquatic ecosystem.

  • Worldly Explorer

    With five years of scuba diving experience under his belt, Kyle has explored the the crystal-clear waters of Greece and Spain to the diverse marine landscapes of the United States.

  • Coral Conservation Champion

    With a three-year tenure with the Florida Wildlife Conservation (FWC), Kyle has played a crucial role in coral restoration and coral farming, contributing to the protection of these vital marine ecosystems.

  • Local Expertise

    Kyle possesses in-depth knowledge of the best local spots and hidden gems along the coast. Whether you're seeking the perfect snorkeling location, a secluded beach, or a pristine dive site, Kyle has the inside scoop.

Helpful tips for your adventure

What to Bring on Your Charter

  • Broad Brimmed Hat
    Broad Brimmed Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Long Sleeved Coverup
    Long Sleeved Coverup
  • Sunscreen
  • Food and beverages
    Food and beverages
  •  Swimsuit, Snorkel Gear and Towel
    Swimsuit, Snorkel Gear and Towel

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Charter Request Form
Charter Request Form
What Type of Charter Would You Like?
Charter Request Form
Charter Request Form
What Type of Charter Would You Like?